Belgium and the Netherlands

flags-3-finished.jpgI thought it would be good to compile some information about Belgium and the Netherlands, as I will be traveling there in four or five months on a mission. So here’s what I came up with:

The combined areas of Belgium and the Netherlands is only slightly larger than the size of Washington state. The climate (sometimes called marine west coast) is comparable to that of western Washington–rainy and humid most of the time with mild temperatures year-round.

General facts (all from the CIA World Factbook):

  • Population
    • Belgium: ~10 million
    • Netherlands: ~16 million
  • Official languages
    • Belgium: 60% Dutch, 40% French, <1% German
    • Netherlands: Dutch, Frisian
  • GDP per captia
    • Both: ~$32,000
  • Currency
    • Both: Euro
  • Literacy rate
    • Both: 99%

More information:

(By the way, I made the graphic myself with Draw, in case anybody was wondering. It’s a pretty cool program to do vector graphics and such, although exporting to image files is quite a pain.)


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