Finals and food

So I finished my finals about half an hour ago. It’s a great feeling to be done with everything. And I just went and bought myself this big ham sandwich and an orange juice and a large container of ice cream, and I ate it all. I feel pretty bloated now.

It’s funny how you notice insignificant little things when you’re taking tests. Like worrying about whether your pencil lead or eraser is going to last through the end of the next page or whether you can make it another hour before you have to go to the bathroom. Or how the guy sitting next to you sniffles once every twenty seconds.

And I’m tired of being inside overly-air-conditioned buildings. The Testing Center is waaaay too cold for my liking. (It’s so loud in there, too, even though everybody is being as quiet as they can.) So since it’s a nice day outside, I’m going to wander around and take pictures or do something like that.

Good luck to anybody and everybody who still has finals!


One Response to Finals and food

  1. Steven says:

    Just as a follow-up, I did go take a bunch of pictures of campus, with quite a few of the new Hinckley building. They’re on my Picasa for those of you who know where it is.

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