I’ve been thinking a lot about comments lately since I got a bunch of contentious anti-Mormon spam (call it what you will). I just read this very informative and pertinent article at Lorelle on WordPress:

Editing Your Blog Comments:

I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion. I also believe that not every opinion is appropriate for this blog. I take time to carefully reexamine my post content to see if I invited the comment. Even if the comment opposes my beliefs and values, but is related directly to the content, then I’ll leave it. If it makes a good point, I might edit out the nasty parts, leaving the value. It depends, but I think about it and weigh my options, taking into account the intent of the commenter.If it is to inflame, then it’s gone. If it is off topic, it’s gone. If it is spiteful, it’s gone. If it is harmful to others, it’s gone. If it continues the conversation, then it may stay.

There’s a lot more good stuff on that post; I’d recommend you read through it. As she says, comments are a crucial part of blogging. Feel free to leave me some, and I’ll work on being a better blog administrator.


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