WordPress advantages

I’ve been using WordPress for less than a day and like it much better than Blogger already.

  • Better comment features The comment interface is much nicer than Blogger, where you have to go to a separate page to leave comments. It’s so much easier to just have it at the bottom of the post. And the administration side is much easier to use and gives me finer control.
  • Tag cloud I like tag clouds, and they just weren’t easy to do on Blogger.
  • Good analytics WordPress tells me not only how many people came to my blog, but what parts they looked at, where they came from, and where they went. This is a bit better than what I was getting from Google Analytics on Blogger (that service is really nice, too). UPDATE: Just to clarify, I actually think Google Analytics are better overall, but WordPress’s analytics give me what I need to know more concisely. For one thing, WordPress doesn’t provide geolocation information, a feature I like on Google.
  • OpenID Haven’t used it yet, but WordPress gave me an OpenID, which will make it easier to comment on LiveJournal and other sites that use OpenID.
  • Finer control over layout and content Blogger is all single-page oriented, but WordPress allows me to have static pages in addition to my dynamic content.
  • Administration interface WordPress just provides so many features that Blogger doesn’t have.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Blogger, and I like Google. Blogger is admittedly easier to setup and use, and probably better if you want a blog that just works. But I’m quite enjoying my new toy: WordPress.


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