Seussical the Musical

Last night I attended Seussical the Musical at Spanish Fork Community Theater. It is based on many famous Dr. Seuss books, with quite a complicated plot. It was an excellent production. I have never seen a more intricate or elaborate set; the music was very well written; the actors performed wonderfully. However, it was a little too suggestive for my liking. Some of the actors in the Jungle of Nool and a few other scenes made me, shall we say, uncomfortable. UPDATE: I should qualify this. It wasn’t the musical itself that was suggestive, just the way some of the actors behaved on stage.

But on the whole, it was good. I am surprised but very impressed a company like SFCT was able to pull off a production of this scale and do it so well. Great work!

Has anyone else seen this musical or have any opinions to share about it?


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  1. Holly Bleggi says:

    I saw this musical at a high school up here in Washington. I loved it! I thought that it was a lot of fun. I don’t remember it being suggestive but it has been a while since I saw it. I know that BYU did this musical for one of their drama camps so it is a little wierd that you said it made you uncomfortable at times. I really liked the elephant, Horton. The music is wonderful and I know what you mean about the set. It was definately more elaborate than anything we did at me high school. I really enjoyed this musical.

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