Rude awakening

A friend and I went to the Provo Temple tonight. We left that quiet, peaceful place about 9:00 pm. As we were walking down the busy street to get back home, countless cars were driving past, honking their horns and screaming (at us, I presumed). Having been a missionary, I was accustomed to having people yell at me, an awkward boy in a white shirt and tie with a black badge on my chest. You stick out in a crowd. So based on that previous experience, I was not fazed by the people screaming at the these two boys walking down the dark road wearing church clothes on a Saturday night. I thought sarcastically to myself, “Wow, these people sure are mature.”

At about this point I recalled that there had been a BYU football game earlier in the evening. It had started about 5:00 pm, and could logically have ended not too long ago. I looked at my cell phone and read a half-hour-old message from a family member joyfully informing me that we had beaten OU 14-13. My friend and I finally put two and two together and deduced that this raucous celebration was staged in honor of our football team’s victory.

Now. This was all certainly not in my taste. But of course, I give these college students their liberties to celebrate as they wish. I have good reason to believe these students are not drunk, so they won’t hit me with their cars, try as they may to bombard me with their horns and shouts. As long as I can go on with my life as normal.

But now imagine a different someone. This person knows (and cares) little about college football. She has never experienced a drive-by honking before, let alone one after an obscure victory which seems so insignificant to her and yet so important to everyone else. How jarring and unsettling is such an experience for such a someone? What an odd culture we have! Driving about the city for hours honking your horn because your favorite team has won a game. How futile it all seems!

On the other hand, word has it that resistance is futile. Perhaps we shall just let the world run its merry course….


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