No, Blackboard will not substitute for your lack of friends

January 27, 2010

Not three hours after reading this article in the Daily Universe–condemning the practice of using Blackboard to spam your classmates in hopes of prevailing upon them to email you the notes you didn’t take three days ago because you decided to sleep in instead of go to class–(deep breath)–I received the following email from a classmate in a large general education class:

Hey everyone, I was absent from Music class on Friday January 22. If someone could send me their notes from that day, that would be awesome!

And so on and so forth.

Whoops! Looks like someone didn’t read the paper this morning. The article was on the front page, for crying out loud! Above the fold!

Or maybe he or she just never learned plain old internet etiquette from his or her mother. (Speaking of etiquette, these “politically correct” constructions are, shall I say, quite cumbersome. I digress…)

(I might add that normally I would attribute the above quote to its proud, rightful author. But in favor of preserving his or her anonymity, I forgo that practice here.)

But wait! It gets better. An hour after catching wind of said taboo email, the astute professor of said music class sends the following stern rebuke to the class:

I always assume this is a no-brainer, but I guess I’ll have to spell it out for those of you who are guilty of this behavior.

It is not appropriate use of Blackboard to e-mail the entire class asking for notes because you missed class.

If you miss class, you are more than welcome to ask your friends who are in the class for some help. If you have no friends in the class, please make some. But do not e-mail the entire class asking for notes. It is inconsiderate and annoying to those who attend each day and are actually doing the work.

No, Blackboard will not substitute for your lack of friends.

And no, you may not use it to mooch notes off strangers because you chose not to come to class.

That’s my favorite thing favorite pet peeve about these freshman classes. They’re huge. And everybody and their dog emails everybody else (and their dogs) for notes. And frankly, hardly anyone ever responds to them.

Cuz it’s just that annoying.